Friday, 24 January 2014

Irma Frijlink - Textiles Artist

Irma Frijlink is a textiles artist that works primarily using machine stitch. She attended a school for a 'first degree' in textile teaching. This is where she was encouraged to approach art in a non-conformist way. Following this she attended many workshops with well regarded artists for many years. 

The majority of her work is created with a sewing machine. Using painting with acrylic paint and finally embroidering the parts that need most attention. This is what initially attracted me to her work. I love using acrylic paint as a basis for a sample or piece; working on a rigid surface gives a sample some strength behind it. Although, however this is not what is always necessary in a sample.

'Alzheimer 0'

This piece pictured above is the work of Irma's that I found originally. I wasn't necessarily the colours that i was drawn to about this piece, it was the way it has been broken up into different shaped fragments. For me this reminded me of a map with the different fragments as though they were roads and paths crossing over one another. This therefore influenced me to move into looking into maps and mapping further.

Here are a few other pieces of her work where this idea of fragmentation has too been introduced.

'Alzheimer 5'

'Zelfportret 5'

On looking into her way of working more, it made me more interested to further investigate her work. The media she uses really appeals to me and I'd love to work in that way more in the future when returning to embroidery. This piece above I found quite fascinating as it looks like a spin-off of the two others above this one. I particularly love the use of subtle colour that doesn't take the attention away from these interesting jigsaw fragments.

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